Is Penn Foster High School Legit? [WHAT Students SAY]

Penn fosters high school is an online education center from which one can obtain various diplomas. This given school only uses the online mode of education. Courses available for study here are accredited by the DEAC, which is indirectly recognized by the US Department of Education. The material on the course of study is available on the website 24/7 and your laptops, mobile devices, etc. can access the material.

Even if you need to do a full-time job in the morning you can still finish your high school diploma through this online high school platform. All you need to do is access the course material, study it, and simply give the test to successfully achieve a satisfactory grade to earn yourself a diploma in the selected course of study.

Is it Legitimate?

This online education high school possesses both regional and national level accreditations. On a regional level, this online high school is recognized by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Secondary Schools, and on a national level, it is recognized by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC). This proves its legitimacy. The diploma that you earn from this high will easily give you a job after graduation because employers accept this mode of diploma as well.

Well, this given high school is one of the oldest online schools available in the country and is situated near north Scranton, Pennsylvania. Back in 1890, Thomas J. Foster founded an organization just to help the coal miners to improve their education; the organization was called International corresponding schools (ICS). In the year 2006, its name changed to Penn foster high school. The current owner of this organization is brain capital. In the year 2018, they bought this high school organization from the Vistria group.

The major advantage of this high school is you don’t need to follow the routine of going to school every day from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. You can study in your free time, so you can earn money In the morning by doing some job and in the evening you can easily increase your qualification. There is a refund policy available as well if you quit after six days of your enrollment you will receive all of your money back just remember it is only for the first six days.

Are customers satisfied with the services?

Overall, the students who have earned diplomas from these online high schools are quite satisfied with their experience. Yes, some people do complain about it. This high school uses some exciting interactive technologies and the instructors are always available to help understand the difficult topics of the course of study.

The study material is available 24/7. In addition, it can easily be accessed by innovative technology called laptops and mobile phones. Another main attraction of this school is you do not need to follow the traditional routine of high schools.

What are users saying about it?

The reviews are so comforting that users are saying that they have successfully applied the skills they have learned through this online high school. Most of the users are giving satisfactory reviews about it.

  • This high school is fun learning but its still serious the work in my opinion is easy but still challenging so its perfect.

  • Transcripts not regionally accredited

Why is it liked by people? 

The major reason for liking this high school is that it is completely online and you are no longer required to follow the traditional high school routine which used to take a lot of time during the day. You can simply study through this mode of high school by staying at home and at the time when you feel comfortable studying. Another reason for liking this mode is that you can do the job part-time, and you can improve your qualifications.

Should You Trust Penn Foster High School? 

Yes, you can easily trust the credibility of this institution. Because this high school is accredited by both national and regionally recognized bodies of the country. This high is licensed to give you diplomas and the employers will give you a job related to the type of diploma you have earned. There is no reason to trust this high school as this is one of the oldest high schools present in the United States of America.

Is it worth joining Penn foster high school?

Yes, it is worth it. One should give it a go. It is completely safe and the diploma earned in this high school can help you get admission to college or get a job after graduation. The employers see the diplomas earned by this high school as authentic which is why they easily give a job to the applicant.

How did this high school help people?

Well, this high school has helped people in a lot of ways. One of them is the mode of education. It is completely online and you can easily take your classes at the time of your liking. If you are doing the job then it is the perfect school for you to improve your degree.

Is this high school recognized in Florida?

Yes, this high school is recognized in the state of Florida because the given high school has received national accreditation as well as regional. As a result, the US Department of Education has recognized this. It is no longer necessary to worry about accreditation’s location.

Is high school easy?

It is quite easy if you are enrolled in an easy course of study while it can be tough if the course of study is tough. However, on the bright side, this institute is convenient due to its online nature.

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