Is Sociology Hard? [WHAT Students SAY]

The field of sociology is not very challenging; on the contrary, it is rather simple to understand. This field of study usually deals with human societies and their interaction and most importantly the process through which they can preserve and change themselves. Now at the school level, the course in sociology can just be an overview of different kinds of social relationships and interactions among human beings.

Therefore, to opt for this major in college then you must have a basic awareness of how this course will benefit you. Now, this course is not that difficult because there is no higher level of mathematics involved in it there is just the basic level of research skills required to successfully clear this obstacle.

Is Sociology Hard in 2023?

No, Sociology is not hard at all especially because there is no higher level of mathematical knowledge needed to complete this type of course. The given major usually deals with social interactions and different human behaviors. A student should be able to conduct some surveys and interviews to collect the data to do the research.

Well, the tough part of the given major is that you need to have the patience to collect data. Now research in sociology is needed to determine what kind of changes in society can change the way of thinking of any human being. The classic example of this is how your personal opinion can be influenced by society.

As a sociological scientist you must be able to collect data analyze it and try to highlight the problems currently in the pattern of our society so, that it can be changed to create a better world. As a result, if you are choosing this course, you must be enthusiastic about it. This major is not difficult but it requires patience. The failure rate of this course is close to non-almost everyone enrolled graduates at the end of the degree.

Difficulty Table

Social institutions42%
Social inequality39%
Social psychology44%

The study covers a huge amount of topics relating to human culture and society and is very difficult.

Why is Sociology so hard? 

This is not a hard major, yes it is not one of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses. It does, however, call for some research techniques and less complex statistics. Overall we cannot say that this is one of the harder majors in college because of tons of material already available on the internet.

All a student need to do is ask a question try to create a hypothesis then conduct some interviews and surveys then analyze the data collected and form an opinion regarding the question the student asked in the first place.

The research methodology used in this course is quite straightforward but it does require a lot of effort and study hours to conduct the research, especially a lot of effort needed in conducting several interviews.

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Is this field harder than psychology?

No, sociology is not harder than psychology only because psychology only deals with human behavior and the mental disorders of people who need help but human behavior are linked with the human brain and which is a complex organ of our body.

While the sociology major is, a broad field of study through these majors societies can be transformed. Both of these majors indeed focus on the analysis of human behavior. However, the complexity of different biological concepts related to the brain makes psychology a harder major.

Is this harder than engineering?

No, Engineering is a part of the STEM courses and we all know that these types of majors are one of the most challenging. Engineering majors usually require a lot of mathematics and physics concepts that can be tough If your foundation in mathematics and physics is not strong then it will be a problem while the sociology major requires less usage of mathematics and physics so it is considered easier as compared to the engineering major.

Is this harder than medicine?

The answer is NO, becoming a doctor and studying medicine requires a lot of focus, determination, and dedication. A student needs to work hard day and night to understand the deep concepts of human physiology.

While the given major can be quite a walk in the park in front of medicine because the given major requires just a little bit of patience. Yes, it also requires tons of reading but compared to the medicine theoretical knowledge it is considered easy. Medicine is considered to be one of the hardest majors in colleges and universities.

Is this harder than astronomy?

No, astronomy is harder as compared to the given major because astronomy requires advanced concepts of both mathematics and physics. Everyone knows any major involving excessive mathematical calculations is considered to be one the toughest to fully complete.

Yes, sociology majors also require extensive study hours but they are close to none if compared to the theoretical knowledge of the sub-branch of physics called astronomy. Astronomy is a field of study that deals with the knowledge of objects present in our infinite outer space. In simpler words, it is the knowledge of stars.

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