Is Purdue Global a Good School? [WHAT Students SAY]

If a student is most interested in doing a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) then Purdue University is the best option because here you can do a degree with almost similar significance to a degree from an elite private institution with less cost. As far as the state of Indiana in the United States of America is concerned, this is the top school. Another cool fact about Purdue University is that it has an airport.

Is Purdue global school worth it in 2023?

Yes, going to Purdue global school is 100% worth it. As discussed on numerous occasions that this university is ranked among the top-ranked universities of the world and in fact, the 2nd highest ranked in the northwestern region of the states.

Among American universities, this is the highest-ranked institution in Indiana. Purdue University is 17th in public schools rankings and is ranked 49 in the national ratings of the United States of America. In addition, most importantly if you want to pursue an engineering major then this university is worth a try.

Important details

One of the most important details is that Purdue has an acceptance rate of 60% and the best-ranked school at Purdue University is the engineering school. A university with its airport is the only one in the world.

School essentialsDetails
Acceptance rateHigh

How hard is studying at Purdue Global?

The given school is quite hard. As the rankings of the school, increase the difficulty level also increases. The courses at the Purdue School are quite on the tougher side. To earn a satisfactory grade in the selected course of study increased study hours and a complete concentration are required.

The course outline here will test you a lot. First, you need to be admitted the acceptance rate is approximately 60% in the given school in simpler words every 60 applicants out of 100 are selected for a place in the university.

Pros of studying at Purdue University

  • Higher-ranked engineering schools
  • Low cost as compared to other high-ranked schools.
  • Excellent academic opportunities.
  • Small businesses can easily be formed around the area of the university.

Cons of studying at Purdue University

  • The weather of the state.
  • Fewer opportunities related to a graduate assistantship.

Is Purdue better than Harvard?

No, Harvard is an Ivy League institute in the United States of America there are 8 Ivy League universities in the states and Harvard is at top of that list. Harvard is a very prestigious institute and its overall ranking is better as compared to Purdue University.

Yes, Purdue engineering school is good but it is not better than Harvard engineering school. The history of Harvard is way better than Purdue and the location of Harvard is also better.

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Is Purdue better than MIT?

No, Purdue is not better than MIT. The engineering school of Purdue University is among the top-ranked engineering schools but it can not match the quality of MIT. As the world’s number one university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is not an Ivy League institute but it is quite hard to get into.

The quality of MIT is so high that only the brightest talents can get into the school of engineering at MIT. The acceptance rate of MIT is 4 % while the acceptance rate of Purdue is 60%.

For what major is Purdue known?

Well, the answer is engineering, and in engineering, mechanical engineering is the major for which Purdue is known. The next best degree to do is industrial engineering. STEM majors are always the majors people want to enroll in. In addition, in the world of engineering mechanical engineering is one of the top-ranked engineering in the world.

To graduate from it you must possess a certain amount of special skills and knowledge level. As the degree program progresses, this major can become quite challenging.

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