Is Political Science Hard? [WHAT Students SAY]

Political science major is one of the hardest majors to pursue other than the more technical majors like engineering, mathematics, etc. The given major usually requires tons of reading and researching and it requires extremely critical analytical concepts and skills. The more prominent role of this major is the ability to understand the world of politics and the ability to help create newer policies to improve lives and this will help us in making a better world.

Yes, this field is less complex as compared to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors but the concept of power and governments require excessive study hours just to understand the meaning of them. Implementing those skills in practical life can be difficult.

Is Political Science hard in 2023?

Yes, this subject is quite tough, not tougher than the STEM majors are but overall understanding this major will require excessive reading and research just to maintain a satisfactory grade in the given major. The major is quite difficult because you have to have good writing and research skills. After all, in the given major there will be some extensive writing there will be long-length debates, and the ability to understand challenging and complex texts.

Therefore, if a student was weak in research and did not take part in debates in high school then this major will cause a student trouble. This same major can be quite easy if you have an interest in understanding the political systems and the factors that influence the system.

Another major factor of this major being hard is that there is a lot of competition many people started to pursue this major because the salaries are quite high and due to that, the competition is on the higher side. The failure rate of this type of major is on the lower side only 5% of students fail to get a bachelor’s degree after four years of study.

Difficulty Table

Political Theory83%
Comparative politics74%
International relations73%

The difficulty level of study of government is high because you have to cover too much history to get successful.

Why is Political Science so hard? 

Well, the answer to that depends upon some factors if a student is quite interested in pursuing this major and has strong research and speaking skills then this major for such a student will just be a walk in the park. However, if a student lacks speaking, writing and research skills then the given major can cause a lot of trouble and pain for such a student.

Is Political Science harder than history?

No, the given major is not harder as compared to history. While many people believe that, both of these majors are quite the same but they are not. History is far broader as compared to the given major. The given major only covers the past and the happenings of current affairs while the history major discusses the cultural change caused by some of the political decisions made in the past quite a long time ago.

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Is Political Science harder than engineering?

The answer is no. Engineering major requires a lot of creative thinking as well as a strong command over the concepts of both physics and mathematics. Political science major is not that complex but still, you need to be passionate about the subject to achieve a satisfactory grade in college.

This given major also uses some of the scientific methods but they use basic concepts of mathematics. Even the earlier stage of engineering mathematics is quite advanced as compared to the one that is used in Political Science majors.

Is Political Science harder than economics?

No, the field of economics is quite hard as compared to the given major because economics is heavily based on different kinds of calculations in short economics involves a lot of mathematics. While on the other hand, the major involves more factual information as compared to the more calculation information that will be heavily employed in the field of economics.

Well, again it all depends on your interest if you are interested in learning the power and the influence of the political system and you are good with writing skills then you will easily complete this course of study without any real troubles.

Is Political Science major harder than medicine?

The answer is No. studying medicine requires a lot of effort and extensive study hours. Becoming a doctor is not easy you have to deal with tons of written material and the medical field is heavily based on theoretical knowledge so you need to have patience and focus in order to achieve a satisfactory grade to complete your degree program and with the theoretical knowledge practice is also required while pursuing the major.

While on the contrary the Political Science major requires interest and extensive writing and debating abilities will give you a chance to achieve a satisfactory grade

Is the Political Science field stressful?

For some people, studying in this field may be stressful since it can be demanding and hard. The students may feel under pressure to keep up with current events and discussions since the subject matter may be very passionate.

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