Is Aerospace Engineering Hard? [What Students SAY]

The aerospace engineering major is one of the primary and exciting engineering majors. This type of engineering deals with the testing, design, and development of two types of crafts, aircraft and spacecraft, and their systems and state-of-the-art equipment. By looking at some of these stats, one can easily get an idea of how hard this major can be.

The primary focus of such engineering is on the anomalies related to atmospheric and space flights. Now the course at the university is divided into two main branches one is called aeronautical engineering and one is astronautical engineering.

The aeronautical branch usually is related to the anomalies of aircraft fights happening in the normal atmosphere of the earth while the astronautical deals with the anomalies of spacecraft flights and some vehicles like rovers in their journey towards outer space.

Is Aerospace Engineering Hard in 2023?

Undoubtedly, this Aerospace engineering degree is among the most challenging in the field. This major usually requires a lot of interest and passion. Any kind of engineering requires passion. If you are not passionate about it then you will have to struggle a lot in university. Now if someone is interested in subjects related to fluid mechanics then they will have fun while pursuing this type of engineering.

Most people have an interest in going into outer space; this will be a perfect major for them. This major usually requires a lot of advanced levels of mathematics and physics and you need to have deep knowledge regarding this major to have any chance of graduating this exciting major, this is what makes it one of the hardest majors to opt for in a university.

In this major, you will need to take some courses in structural/materials and dynamics. These types of courses require a lot of concentration and the use of some of the most advanced ways of calculations, which require many study hours on applied maths and applied physics. It is clear any major in which you have to deal with applied and advanced mathematics is considered one of the hardest majors.

Again, if you are passionate about these subjects then this major might not be tough for you. The failure rate is so high a study showed that about 80-90% of students majoring in aerospace engineering failed to complete their degree.

Difficulty Table

Material science59%

It needs different kinds of engineering. Students need to develop a deep understanding of each of these areas to be able to design and develop aerospace systems.

Why is Aerospace Engineering so hard?

The answer to that is very simple: any kind of engineering requires excessive study hours. This major requires excessive use of advanced and applied mathematics. Now if someone struggled with mathematics in the past in high school then doing this major will be quite impossible for such students.

On the contrary, if a student is passionate about this major and can easily understand the advancements of mathematics then the student will graduate but still, the student will require excessive study hours and complete concentration.

Is this engineering harder than mechanical?

Well, both of these engineering majors are one of the hardest engineering majors to select as a university student. To enter these courses you need to meet some of the entrance requirements. Both of these majors have similar entrance requirements and most of the skills attained after doing the majors are similar too.

In other and simpler words, the aerospace major is not harder than mechanical engineering. Due to the similarities between the coursework we cannot say one is harder than the other, they are pretty much the same.

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Is the major in aerospace engineering the hardest engineering?

The answer is No. Engineering itself is considered one of the hardest majors to opt for in a university. There are many sub-branches of engineering currently present. There are chemical engineering, electrical engineering, etc. Chemical engineering deals with an excessive process that requires the knowledge of chemical equations, which sometimes can be a pain.

In electrical engineering, you are required to have excessive knowledge of advanced mathematics. Therefore, the given major is hard but we cannot consider it the hardest form of engineering. On the contrary, if a person is good with mathematics and is passionate about engineering then nothing is hard for such a person. Engineering only requires two things: passion and the ability to do maths.

Is this major harder than chemical engineering?

The answer is no, because, in a chemical engineering major, you are required to know fluid mechanics, and the two types of transference one of them is called heat transfer and one is mass transfer. Now in chemical engineering, a student need to have strong command over organic and inorganic chemistry, which are one of the two most difficult courses in high school.

Therefore, if a person is not good at dealing with the knowledge mentioned above will have a hard time studying chemical engineering while aerospace is mostly like mechanical engineering with one or two extra courses.

Is this major harder than electrical engineering?

The answer to this question is not easy, but aerospace engineering is a bit harder. Both of these engineering majors are quite tougher than you would expect. AE is a broad field but as you do the degree program the concepts become advanced very steadily and slowly. On the contrary, doing electrical engineering a student needs to switch different concepts very quickly because electrical engineering concepts become more advanced very rapidly.

To have any chance of graduating you need to give all your concentration to understanding the rapidly changing concepts but if you miss one or two courses in the degree program it will be very hard to catch up.

Is this major harder than Civil engineering?

Yes, Aerospace Engineering is harder than civil engineering. Civil engineering is considered one of the easiest forms of engineering. The concepts used in civil engineering are not that complex as compared to the concepts that you are needed to understand in Aerospace Engineering.

Is the major AE harder than Industrial engineering?

Yes, AE is harder than industrial engineering. Industrial engineering is also considered one of the easiest forms of engineering. In industrial engineering, the coursework is not that complex while in the AE you need to have a wide range of knowledge.

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