Is College Physics Hard? [What Students SAY]

College physics is a blend of different units. Physics is a sub-domain of science, which deals with physical phenomena and a lot of mathematics. To master physics you need to have a strong grip on mathematics. The units that are included in physics are as follows. Fluid mechanics, Newton’s gravitational laws, magnetism, electricity, thermal physics, and the concepts of waves, etc.

A student majoring in physics in college must have strong command over these units otherwise; it will become very hard to qualify for graduation. The most important unit of physics is magnetism, one of the hardest physics concepts as well. This sub-domain of science is one of the hardest because it involves many mathematical calculations and different mathematics concepts that are employed in the course of physics in college.

Is College Physics hard in 2023?

The answer to that question is Yes college physics is considered a hard subject, but it also depends on the interests and skills of the individual learner. Now if in high school, the student has a strong command over the mathematics courses and is interested in gaining knowledge about the physical phenomenon then it will be a walk in the park for the student.

The Physics in college, you will be required to use both calculus and algebra. If a student is weak in the concepts of mathematics then clearing this college physics will be a challenge. A study showed that the failure rate of physics in college is on the higher side. About 16-17% of students fail to complete the course of physics in college.

Difficulty Table

Classical Mechanics72%
Modern Physics75.60%

The topics that are taught in college courses may be quite lengthy and difficult to understand, and the coursework often includes math problems and the resolution of problems.

Why is College Physics so hard? 

The answer to this is simple. Physics is the blend of both mathematics and physical phenomenon. Now mathematics is considered quite tough because many students fail to complete the course in the earlier stages of their educational career. The principles of mathematics are crucial to physics.

To master physics you must master mathematics first and frankly mastering mathematics is not very easy because it requires many study hours and the interest of the student studying it. If the student is passionate about maths then physics in college is just a walk in the park for such a student.

Is physics in college harder than calculus?

The answer to that is yes. Physics at the college level is tougher than calculus to solve physical equations we require using calculus and algebra. Physics at the college level requires more concentration and study hours as compared to calculus.

Yes, calculus can also be tough but if you have a strong grip on algebra then calculus may be easy for you. However, when compared to physics both algebra and calculus feel easy to understand. In short, a student majoring in physics uses the concepts of calculus to satisfy the solution of their equations.

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Is physics at the college level harder than chemistry?

Well, this question is difficult to answer, both of the subjects are quite difficult. If a student has good memory then chemistry will be on the easier side but if you find mathematical equations more interesting then physics will be on the easier side. Everything is dependent on the strengths and interests of the students choosing these courses.

The difficult part in chemistry is that you have to deal with many reactions and chemical equations which will be harder to remember on exam day but if you practice well for physics then on exam day physics will be easy. In chemistry, you will have to deal with the concepts of organic and inorganic chemistry which require a strong memorizing ability.

Is physics in college harder than Linear algebra?

Yes, Physics at the college level is harder than linear algebra. Linear algebra mostly deals with the calculations and solutions of equations of order one. While in physics, you may require to solve equations that are of order more than one. The equations become harder to solve when they are of order three.

While in these circumstances student must consult the concepts of Calculus II and Calculus III because mathematical courses deals with the equations of order more than one. Linear algebra is considered one of the easiest and most basic mathematics in college.

Is physics in college harder than Biology?

The answer to this question is hard. Both physics and biology are the sub-domains of science. Both of these courses are equally hard to understand and it will be an impossible task to master both of these subjects properly.

Both these fields to study are hard because to master physics you may require strong skills in mathematics and to master biology you will have to master chemistry first and both chemistry and mathematics are equally difficult.

Is physics in college harder than AP physics?

Yes, AP physics is the foundation course for the course of study called college physics. Physics in college is the advancement of all the concepts employed in AP physics back in high school. Without these foundational principles physics in college will be hard.

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