Is College Algebra Hard? [What Students SAY]

Algebra is a sub-domain of mathematics. There are many sub-domain of mathematics and in college, approximately many students must opt for algebra. This sub-domain usually deals with some of the basic concepts of previously studied algebra courses in the earlier stages of education like middle school or high school.

Algebra in college usually includes knowledge of basic operations used in algebra. This subject also deals with the solution of some linear equations and quadratic equations. Sometimes you will have to deal with logarithmic functions and graphs as well. Now, this course can be tough for students who have problems with basic algebra.

Now in high school, there are two courses of algebra one is algebra I and the other is algebra II. If a student did well in these courses then there are better chances that the student will clear the algebra course in college.

Is College Algebra hard in 2023?

The simple answer is, Yes. But the answer really depends upon the number of concepts a student remember from his/her previous encounter with maths and algebra in high school. If a student had difficulty grasping the basic concepts of algebra in school then college algebra can be tough to clear. On the other hand, if a student is well aware of the concepts used in basic algebra and maths from high school then the college version of algebra will be easy to deal with and the student will enjoy it.

This type of algebra is a course in which all the students are required to fully remember the concepts they have learned in the earlier stages of education like in middle school and high school. This form of algebra is a building block for the subject calculus if you have opted for an engineering or mathematics major in college then you must have a strong grip on algebra. The failure rate of this subject is quite high according to a study only 50% of the college students who opted for algebra have successfully cleared it.

In addition, if you are a student mathematics major then failing to complete this course is not good for you because algebra in college is just a basic course, which is the building block of the upcoming complex mathematical analysis. Therefore, in general, it is one of the easiest forms of mathematics for students of mathematics and engineering majors in colleges.

Difficulty Table

Linear and quadratic equations55%
Logarithmic and exponential functions49%

There are different reasons why pre-calculus may be difficult for some students. Algebra requires students to master a new set of mathematical skills and concepts that they may not have experienced before. To master algebra, students need to practice solving problems and applying concepts to different situations. This can take a long time and take a lot of work.

Why is College Algebra so hard?

The answer to this question will vary from student to student. If a student has a good record in the previously studied courses related to algebra then algebra in college is just a walk in the park for such a student. On the contrary, if a student lacked focus in the earlier stages of this subject then the student may find it hard to clear it in college. As a whole, this form of algebra is just a revision of the concepts well discussed in the previous subject the only hurdle is remembering all of those concepts.

Is algebra in college harder than Calculus?

No, the subject is not difficult as compared to Calculus. Concepts of algebra in college are the building blocks of calculus, without these concepts calculus can be very difficult. However, the concepts of algebra are easier as compared to the computations used in calculus.

Algebra in college is a subject that is added to the college course list just to refresh the concepts of previously studied concepts while calculus contains differentiation and integration, which is the more efficient way of doing computation, and these methods are more complex as compared to college-level algebra.

Can this subject be harder than statistics?

Both Algebra and statistics are sub-branches of mathematics. The concepts of algebra are quite difficult only if a student had difficulty with it in high school. While the field of statistics is broader, the concepts can easily be understood. At the earlier stages of the subject statistics, the concepts used are easier as compared to the branch of mathematics called algebra.

However, it all depends upon the student’s interest if someone is interested in statistical analysis of different problems then even at the advanced level of the subject, they will understand it easily while if someone is interested in the subject then they will enjoy doing the calculations. Nevertheless, in the more advanced level of statistics, students must master the concepts of probability and regression analysis, which can be tougher than algebra in college.

Can algebra be tougher than physics?

The simple answer to that is No. Physics is a part of science that uses mathematics to solve various physical phenomena and equations while algebra in college is just a subdomain of mathematics that sometimes is required to understand some of the equations that are being used in the subject of physics.

Physics is much broader as compared to algebra in college. If a student is majoring in engineering then for that student it will be easier to understand concepts of Algeria as compared to the laws of thermodynamics.

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Can algebra in college be the toughest mathematics discipline?

No algebra in college is far from the hardest maths discipline. For a student majoring in engineering and mathematics, algebra is just a starting point. Overall mathematics is quite a vast domain; there are many subdomains available in this domain. Algebra is one of them and is considered one of the easiest even calculus, which is also a starting level of maths in college, is harder than algebra.

Can algebra in college be harder than organic chemistry?

The answer to the question is no, algebra in college is not tougher than organic chemistry because in organic chemistry you have to deal with a lot of complex chemical reactions. These reactions are not easy to interpret.

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